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Another success story for UP-72 polymer modified asphalt used in Hot Mix to pave a new highway in Darien, Panama.

Ultrapave Corp. and C.U.S.A partnered in this remote region of Panama that borders the northwest jungles of Colombia for this project. This new road replaced a previous completely deteriorated road that in many sections was littered with pot holes and permanent deformation. El Ministerio de Obras Públicas (MOP) specified the use of a PG 76-22 which was achieved with the use of UP-72.

TDOT approves Hudson Materials CRS-1HM as Track Less Product

Hudson Materials Company, based in Chattanooga, TN, announces that the TDOT has approved Hudson’s Track Less product, CRS-1HM. It will be part of TDOT’s QPL list starting in February, 2017. Hudson Materials uses the ULTRAPAVE “Reduced Tracking Tack Coat Additive” UP 1010 to help achieve the reduced tracking properties of their CRS-1HM.

ULTRAPAVE® makes inroads in Costa Rica


The last touches are being done on the fourth project using polymer modified asphalt in Costa Rica. The polymer of choice was again ULTRAPAVE®. This 40 kilometer project—by far the longest using polymer—is located in the oil palm producing region in the south of the country. The road is known for heavy trucks carrying the oil palm fruits to processing plants and increasing volumes of tourism traffic heading to and from local beaches. Hot weather and frequent heavy rains make a well-designed road paramount. The Costa Rican Ministry of Public Works and Transport accordingly made its first Superpave design, and the stringent conditions required the use of polymer.

The project was divided between two construction companies with different types of asphalt mixing equipment. Yet each reported that ULTRAPAVE® was easy to use and helped meet performance standards in repeated samplings required by the ministry.

The last touches include building underpasses on a stretch of road cutting through an animal preserve. The underpasses will serve as animal crossings to minimize road kills. Once these are finished President Oscar Arias will inaugurate the project before he leaves office on May 6.

The first ULTRAPAVE® project in Costa Rica is now three years old. Still looking good!